MBA Research


Although entrepreneurship has occurred throughout history, the attention it currently receives has ballooned due to the tough economy and environmental shifts taking place in the business world: downsizing, offshoring, mergers, global competition, and technological innovations. Entrepreneurial start-ups are expected to continue at a consistent, and at times, frantic pace.

Since more people than ever before are starting their own businesses, educational institutions, including colleges/universities, community colleges, and high schools are encouraging the study of entrepreneurship through the addition of entrepreneurship courses and majors.

Entrepreneurship has been a slippery concept to get our arms around. People define and use the term differently. Some people focus solely on development of an entrepreneurial spirit or mindset, while others approach it from an ideation standpoint. Still others incorporate small-business management strategies and techniques.

Our entrepreneurship curriculum incorporates ideation, business planning, and business operations. Examples of skills students acquire include the ability to recognize opportunities and to act on them; determination of needs, identification of markets, use of marketing research, identification of sources of capital, and management skills.